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Thank you for your interest in our club. Please read the information below and if you'd like to join us, could you please complete the application form as soon as possible and we will add you to the waiting list.

The sessions are held at Skibbs Lane, Orpington, England, BR6 7RH . We normally train, even when wet, unless there is a deluge, thunder or the state of the grounds is unacceptable. Depending on the time of your class you may need to arrive earlier to help put out the equipment and/or you may need to stay at the end of your class to help put all the equipment away. During the summer we train on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings and the rest of the year we train on Sundays.

The cost will be £42 for the initial 6 week trial/assessment to see how you and your dog enjoy agility, then £36 per 6 weeks thereafter. Could you please bring the exact amount in cash in an envelope with your name on it. Please also note the following:

  • Your dog must remain on a lead at all times when you are at the venue
  • Make sure you clean up after your dog and take it home with you
  • Your dog should have a flat collar and a decent lead. Choke/slip collars are not suitable for agility and flexi leads are not ideal
  • Bring a toy that you know your dog will interact with you (i.e. play tuggy and/or bring the toy back to you).If possible avoid squeaky toys as this may distract other dogs
  • Bring some soft, high quality treats in a small container that is easily opened. Make sure the treats are small in size and not difficult to swallow (it is a treat, not a meal and the dog must be able to move on immediately). Sausage or chicken are ideal options
  • Please do not feed your dog for at least 3 hours beforehand to avoid the risk of a twisted gut
  • Please wear suitable footwear yourself
  • There is only hedging around the perimeter of the grounds so be aware your dog can escape into the surrounding fields/roads
  • We would expect your dog to have a nice temperament with people and other dogs and not be too overweight
  • Ideally your dog should be at least one year old but we may consider younger dogs
  • If a session has to be cancelled for reasons outside of our control e.g. weather or state of ground, a flat fee of £2.50 will be charged in arrears

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Gina on 0771 967 4898 (between 6pm and 9pm).

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